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The Chanfrau family's involvement in the legal system in Borussia County has spread for 70 years. W.M.(Bill) Chanfrau, Sr., her child's William M. Chanfrau, Jr. is also called Bill, and his daughter Kelly Chanfrau comes from a long family of legal professionals in Borussia County, Florida. In addition to practicing at the historic home (the landmark at Florida Daytona Beach built in 1926), he has been directly involved in the legal system since 1936. The grandmother of Bill Chanfrau Sil, Gail S. Lynch, was the first official court reporter in 1936 in Borussia County, Florida. Until the end of World War II, he was the only court reporter in the 7th Department of Justice in Central Florida Northeast.

Established in 1936


CHANFRAU & AMPLIFIER BASED ON PALM COAST EMPLOYMENT METHOD; Chanfrau, a lawyer, is a labor lawyer, an employment lawyer, a man-injured lawyer, and a differential attorney & It provides services to those who need it. Detail Chanflure & Amplifier; Chanfrau is a law firm for personal injury and employment, evaluated for its excellence in central Florida. We are dedicated and active supporters of victims of accidents, negligence and abuse, and have contributed more than $300 million in settlement and donations for our customers. Family-run lawyers for personal injuries at Daytona Beach, Florida are eager to fight for only financial compensation to rebuild their lives and support their injured family. Contact us now.

William M. Chanfrau of Chanfrau & Amplifier; amp;dealing with events such as chanfrau, death illegally, car accidents, and on-site responsibility! Central Florida Human Injury and Employment & Call me at Palm Coast and hire a lawyer!

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