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2009, Livingston & amp; In 2010, he and James Wolverton, a former partner of Wolverton and a former Oregon Alam, were given Raven Sword's additions and training expertise, and in turn switched to Wolverton & Amplifier and Livingston. Sword, P.A. Today, Ms. Sord and Mr. Livingston continues to provide competent, separate legal representation for customers in central and eastern Florida.

Established in 2008


Using the Livingston & Sword and P.A., experienced lawyers provide individual support and provide free consultation for some legal services, whether they need legal assistance for family, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and real estate laws.

In 1999, he received a degree in political science from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a student at the University of Michigan, Saud was named the White House Intern of the National Policy Council and took charge of creating a memorandum on the important domestic issues to be submitted weekly to President Clinton. After graduation, Thode entered the law school at George Washington University and received a doctorate of Juris in 2002. Thode was selected as a law student as Secretary of Justice of the Washington DC Department of Justice, the Federal Torts Law Office. Mr. Tsurugi was involved in the preparation of the Wako Trials as a legal person in the Ministry of Justice. Livingston &swords, P.A. and Ms Sord handle all family law issues, bankruptcy, and crime defense. In 2010, Ms Sord received the Florida Supreme Court Bonoservice Award.

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