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Chanfrau & Amplifier; Chanfrau is a law firm for personal injury and employment, evaluated for its excellence in central Florida. We are dedicated and active supporters of victims of accidents, negligence and abuse, and have made more than $100 million settlement and donations for our customers. The attorney for personal injuries at the family-run Daytona Beach Area company is eager to fight for financial compensation to rebuild their lives and support the injured family. Our lawyer has been supporting victims of automobile, motorbike, inboard, sliding, and child injuries for more than 30 years, including other types of traumatic events that could harm victims and families for a long time. They also specialize in the employment of victims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage and time problems. If you need help with your injury, employment law, or criminal defense, please contact us to schedule

Established in 1936


Jr. of Chanfrau & William M. Chanfrau, a personal injury lawyer, Chanfrau handles incidents such as unlawful death, car accidents, and on-site responsibility! Central Florida Wounded and Employed & Call me at Palm Coast and hire a lawyer!

William Chanfrau Jr. continues the family tradition of working to protect negligent and dishonest victims. He is a Chanfrau & Partner for. Chanfrau: In addition to the general practice, personal injury provides customer support for personal injury (PIP) lawsuits and criminal law. Before joining the company in 2001, he served as Assistant Attorney at the 7th Division of Justice for three years. Chanfrau & For decades, Chanfrau has dedicated himself to representing the victims in the community that was an important part of his family.

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